Driving Students to Low-Enrollment Programs

Cincinnati State Supply Chain Management Enrollment Campaign

Sanger & Eby partnered with Cincinnati State to develop a marketing campaign strategy and brand identity to drive awareness and enrollment of the supply chain management programs.

  • Cincinnati State's SCM & SCCDC Marketing Campaign Design
  • Cincinnati State's SCM & SCCDC Marketing Campaign Design
  • Cincinnati State's SCM & SCCDC Marketing Campaign Design


Cincinnati State Community & Technical College had a critical need to drive enrollment in its high-demand, low-enrollment supply chain management (SCM) program to meet the exponentially growing need of area employers.

Prospective students were not only unaware of the booming field’s career options, but also lacked understanding of what supply chain management was – and attracting female students to the SCM program was proving particularly challenging. Additionally, area employers were unaware of the additional training Cincinnati State provides in logistics and SCM.

Our challenge was to create a brand identity, marketing strategy and recruitment campaign that would drive enrollment, meeting the needs of students, the College, and area employers.

Logo & Style Guide for Campaign Strategy

“Our Supply Is in Demand” is not only a play on words, but communicates that students from Cincinnati State are well trained and well qualified for SCM careers.


“We’re so happy with the team at Sanger & Eby. They were able to rapidly identify key audience insights and develop both a meaningful brand identity and a strategic campaign that’s driving great results for our supply chain management program.”

Brian Jaynes, Program Chair in Supply Chain Management,
Cincinnati State Community & Technical College

Sanger & Eby worked closely with the Cincinnati State team to identify key audiences for SCM degree programs as well as ongoing training and certificate programs for current workers. We conducted stakeholder interviews within the college and executives from industry leading business that employ workers in these fields.

Along with the interviews, Sanger & Eby also conducted extensive background research and a competitive survey of the market and industry trends to create a holistic view of the playing field. From these findings, we developed key personas that represent the prospective students and businesses that would drive the communication strategy for the campaign.  

Our team then developed strong, engaging messaging for each audience and a campaign tagline that created a brand identity for the SCM and SCCDC programs that would be used throughout all marketing efforts. Digital advertising and program brochures with striking visual elements support the tagline and messaging and provide compelling ways for prospective students to learn more about the field as well as Cincinnati State’s excellent programs. 

One strategic initiative to help Cincinnati State drive enrollment consisted of a search (PPC) campaign. Sanger & Eby developed a two-month campaign strategy including keyword research and development, ad copy and graphics. We also provided recommendations for the copy and layout of their SCCDC landing page on the Cincinnati State website, as well as a measurement and analytics plan to effectively demonstrate return on investment.

Example Social Ads from Campaign Created


  • Qualitative Research
  • Persona Development
  • Campaign Messaging and Tagline
  • Digital Advertising


  • Print Materials
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Advertising
  • Measurement & Analytics


The campaign launched in December 2017 and was tremendously successful in raising awareness of Cincinnati State offerings in supply chain management. Targeting both prospective students and area employers with separate, distinct messaging helped us achieve clickthrough rates well over industry benchmarks. Enrollment in Cincinnati State’s SCM program increased substantially in 2018, and the College reports that half its new supply chain management students are female.

Cincinnati State SCM & SCCDC Campaign Brochure

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