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Creating a recruiting advantage in the hyper-competitive entertainment industry talent wars.


To win in the hyper-competitive entertainment industry talent market, 21st Century Fox needed a careers website that expressed the energy and culture of its diverse family of entertainment companies. An outstanding mobile experience was critical for attracting the tech-savvy talent Fox needs to maintain its leading edge.

With more than 20 divisions encompassing film, television, and sports, and with offices around the globe, Fox also had complex organizational structures, the need to support multiple languages, and a way to distinguish internal and external job postings while providing a coherent, consistent user experience.

Fox also had a disconnect in user experience between recruiting, onboarding, and internal systems, and wanted to create a streamlined, consistent experience that supported and reinforced its employer brand, ensuring smoother transitions, boosting retention rates, and driving higher employee engagement.


Sanger & Eby developed a sleek, high-energy responsive design for the Fox Careers website, capturing the innovative, edgy, and inviting culture that has long fueled Fox as a creative powerhouse. Multiple videos featuring interviews with Fox employees provide a deeper level of authenticity and customized user pathways help candidates easily identify the divisions and locations that provide their best fit. Complex organizational structures are mapped behind the scenes to a streamlined, candidate-friendly structure that enables Fox to simplify recruiting top talent without forcing changes to company operations.

Fox uses the Taleo applicant tracking system (ATS), so Sanger & Eby implemented a custom mobile job search we designed for Taleo, enabling candidates to explore career opportunities anywhere at any time, regardless of platform or device, while maintaining consistency of process and of operations for the Fox recruiting team. Since 89% of candidates search for jobs on their mobile devices (and 45% do so at least once a day), this opened up a much broader pool of top talent for Fox.

To address the needs of internal candidates, we created a second implementation that provided a consistent branded experience, but allowed for separate careers site data without additional complexity for Fox’s recruiting team.

Our next phase rolled out multiple language support, ensuring candidates around the globe could engage with the company and search for jobs in their preferred language – ensuring better access to the global, diverse talent Fox sought while providing a better candidate experience.

Based on outstanding response to the careers site, the brand was extended to onboarding, HR, and intranet sites, creating a unified, branded HR experience that effectively and engagingly supports Fox employee needs.


Fox’s redesigned career site richly expresses the company’s powerful, engaging employer brand around the globe; multiple language support  along with internal and external career sites ensure the needs of all candidates are met without creating additional burden for Fox’s HR team. Future phases are in the planning stages as Fox continues to build and enhance its global employer brand.

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