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Macy’s Cosmetics Holiday Outposts Custom Application

A custom application streamlines vendor operations in the high-margin, high-volume beauty business during the critical holiday shopping season.

The beauty business is a major profit center for Macy’s as well as other department store retailers; it’s also a tremendous driver of foot traffic into the stores. The holiday shopping season is a high-volume selling time, with beauty vendors competing for space on prominent extended displays throughout the cosmetics department as well as in extended display areas in other in-store areas. In preparation for this critical buying period, Macy’s needed a way to effectively and efficiently manage these in-store vendor holiday displays.

Sanger & Eby created the system architecture, designed the user interface, and developed a custom web-based solution to facilitate vendor requests for displays while enabling the Macy’s team to effectively manage the space. Stores can request materials and place orders for replacement materials; vendor administrators then review the order and enter tracking numbers, and Macy’s administrators can edit and approve requests before the vendor fulfills them.

Seamless link between vendors, Macy's administrators, and stores

Built within a secure network and coded in the .NET programming language, the system interfaces seamlessly both for external vendors as well as for the Macy’s team, providing a seamless link between dozens of vendors and hundreds of cosmetics departments in Macy’s locations nationwide.

The multi-phased Cosmetics Holiday Outposts system has streamlined operations and helped ensure success for Macy’s beauty vendors as well as for the retail giant, simplifying space requests and ensuring appealing, well-balanced displays that meet customer needs and drive strong sales results.

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