Communicating Brand Value Through Smart Design Thinking

Macy’s, Inc. Corporate Communications

Redefining the voice of the corporate brand for internal and external stakeholders.

Corporate communications at Macy’s, Inc. goes beyond annual reports and press releases, addressing the needs of both internal and external stakeholders and driving strong connections with investors, building company value and strengthening employee engagement.

 Through strategic, design and corporate communications expertise that leverages smart design thinking, Sanger & Eby helps the iconic retailer realize its communications vision to all stakeholders with outstanding results, ensuring the right message reaches the right audience through the right channels at the right time.

The Macy’s, Inc. annual report and fact book bring the leading retailer’s vision to life for its stakeholders, communicating vision and plans for the future as well as highlighting outstanding results.

As the retail industry changes rapidly and more and more traditional retailers fall behind, Macy's needed to communicate clearly and effectively what made it different – and how it stands out from the pack. Applying the principles of design thinking to understand challenges and address user needs in a meaningful way, Sanger & Eby partnered with Macy's on innovative communications that strongly communicate brand value.

Design thinking is about much more than design – it’s an overall strategic approach that focuses on understanding and creative problem-solving of user needs (even needs users might not be aware they have). A key aspect of design thinking is challenging assumptions, and in the world of corporate communications, assumptions can lead to missed opportunity. With that in mind, we set out to build innovation into the company’s communications in a way that reinforced brand value.

The responsive corporate website Sanger & Eby designed and developed also features the continually updated press room, an innovative photo gallery that puts Macy’s visual assets at the user’s fingertips, and frequent webcasts that keep stakeholders in the know about the latest news and what it means for Macy’s.

Giving back is a priority for Macy's and increasingly important for recruiting as well as for retaining existing employees. The corporate social responsibility report we created highlights the organization’s achievements in an engaging and imaginative way. Sanger & Eby also produces digital and print communications for associate giving, corporate giving, volunteerism, and cause-related programs like Shop for a Cause and Bag Hunger, which raise millions of dollars for charities each year.

With a workforce of 130,000+ employees distributed across the country, many of whom lack access to a computer at work, Macy's has a tremendous communications need it must meet creatively and effectively. The company believes in communicating openly and honestly is critical for driving employee engagement; to help corporate communications achieve this goal, Sanger & Eby created Employee Connection, an internal portal that provides the platform for communications and ensures associates at every level have the information and tools they need to be effective in their roles.

An internal annual meeting called Our Big Meeting provides associates with a behind-the-scenes look at the business and strategy from Macy’s Chairman and CEO, and the Sanger & Eby designed and produced Coast to Coast digital magazine features content ranging from business and fashion trends to culture, sustainability and community. It includes extensive interactivity and feedback features including liking and commenting on posts, responding to polls and submitting story ideas. Macy's internal communications go even further; other communications tools for driving engagement include videos, screensavers, newsletters, e-mails, posters and digital billboards.

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