Boosting Sales with Streamlined Contest Management

Macy’s Incentives & Compensation Application

How a custom application redefined sales contest management with a streamlined process for initiation, approval, and management.

To boost sales and drive higher employee engagement, Macy’s frequently offers sales contests across a variety of merchandise types and vendors. Contests vary from nationwide to regional to even store-level and may involve multiple departments, brands or SKUs. Multiple types of contests in widely varied combinations further added to the complexity and made the contests more challenging to define and manage. Regardless of contest type, sales results must be correlated to compensation, with bonuses, incentives, and other monetary rewards.

The legacy system used to initiate, approve, and manage contests was Excel-based, with requests emailed and painstakingly manually managed in an unwieldly spreadsheet; maintaining version control was an ongoing concern as the spreadsheet passed through many touchpoints and required multiple back-and-forth communications. Macy’s needed an automated, streamlined system incorporating business rules and approvals to facilitate the process and make contests easier and more efficient to manage.

Through a series of working sessions to develop a 360-degree view of contest operations and business rules, Sanger & Eby created an interactive mock-up using rapid prototyping techniques.  This allowed the entire team to understand, review and approve functionality prior to writing any code.  Sanger & Eby developed a sophisticated data structure to effectively manage all the permutations of contests and their associated business rules, and a complete set of functional specifications and screen mock-ups guided development, enabling Sanger & Eby to build an elegant, streamlined contest system that met all of Macy’s business requirements.

Complex business logic represented in streamlined, easy-to-use interface

The cross-functional system, distributed throughout Macy’s entire stores network, enabled contest sponsors to create requests, and provided the compensation team with integrated business tools to easily request clarification, modify contest parameters, and approve or reject requests.   The final application included 11 different forms with hundreds of different logic pathways, integration with existing client systems, and automatic PDF generation.

Integration with existing systems

Built-in status tracking ensure all parties are aware of timing, issues, and next steps, and automated data feeds into the compensation system, eliminating manual calculations and dramatically boosting productivity, and detailed sorting, filtering, and searching functions enable system users to quickly and efficiently manage the queue.

Flexible capabilities to sort, filter, and search facilitate queue management

Sales contest creation, approval, and management have been dramatically streamlined, with contests created, clarified, approved, and paid out in a highly-efficient process that boosted productivity across departments, facilitated a critical business and sales process, and supports sales results.

Macy’s is now in the process of extending the system functionality to Bloomingdale’s.

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