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McNicholas High School Enrollment Campaign

A declining potential student pool and increased competition from a newly formed school district were increasing competitive pressures on this Cincinnati-based co-ed private high school. Sanger & Eby created a new enrollment marketing campaign to help turn the tide.

  • Archbishop McNicholas New Enrollment Campaign Design and Messaging
  • Archbishop McNicholas New Enrollment Campaign Design and Messaging
  • Archbishop McNicholas New Enrollment Campaign Design and Messaging

As Archbishop McNicholas High School faced the dual challenge of a declining potential student pool and competition from a newly formed public school district, a perceptions research study revealed the school was perceived as less academically rigorous than other private high schools in the market. The school needed to reposition itself to highlight academic strength, including the success of the school’s graduates in college and beyond.

Sanger & Eby conducted a competitive survey of the market and industry trends research to create a holistic view of the playing field, then developed a new messaging platform and tagline to emphasize Archbishop McNicholas’s academic strength and drive a strong sense of pride while retaining the core equity of a safe, nurturing, creative and challenging campus.

Enrollment Campaign Materials for McNicholas High School
Archbishop McNicholas High School Crest

“Working with Sanger & Eby is a wonderful experience. Their team is knowledgeable and responsive, and worked with us to create an effective recruiting campaign with strong and engaging messaging that helped us stand out from our competition. They provided a visually compelling and strategic design system that was flexible for our unique needs, which enabled us to seamlessly adapt and use again for a second year. This is not a cookie cutter approach. We highly recommend their services!” 

Shannon Kapp, Director of Marketing and Communications,
Archbishop McNicholas High School

The simple but powerful “Explore. Achieve. Succeed.” was a winner on all fronts, grounded in the “Be here. Be you!” messaging of previous campaigns but more directly referencing strong academic achievement and the success of the school’s graduates in the college market.

A clean, crisp campaign design and warm, engaging new photography provided the foundation for a full range of enrollment marketing materials including outdoor advertising, posters, yard signs, digital ads and print ads and a campaign brochure.

McNicholas High School's New Campaign Billboard

Along with the campaign materials and messaging, Sanger & Eby developed an in-depth communications strategy and marketing recommendations for Archbishop McNicholas to reposition themselves in the market, focusing on the primary and secondary platforms that were most meaningful to the target audiences. We also identified relevant social media management tools and provided consulting as the school expanded its presence on key platforms like Instagram.

The campaign launched in Fall 2017, generating strong interest from prospective students and excitement in the high school community.

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