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Seton High School Website Redesign

Seton High School is a premier private school in the heart of Cincinnati. Their website, however, did not reflect that status. Users struggled to find the information they needed, and the staff struggled to maintain the site effectively. They partnered with Sanger & Eby to rework their entire web presence to better communicate with their target audiences, more effectively express their brand, and make the site easy and efficient to maintain.

  • Seton Private High School Website Redesign
  • Seton Private High School Website Redesign
  • Seton Private High School Website Redesign
  • Seton Private High School Website Redesign
  • Seton Private High School Website Redesign


Seton’s website contained a wide array of information targeting multiple audiences, with no clear way of differentiating between channels. Additionally, the technology the existing website was built on was unintuitive, so managing images, documents, and content was needlessly difficult. Our challenge was to make a clean, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain website that would suit Seton’s needs for the foreseeable future.

Seton High School's Crest

"Our website is so much easier to update and maintain with the new content management system implemented by Sanger & Eby. Making updates throughout the school week is simple and easy."



Sanger & Eby worked closely with the Seton team to create a site architecture that better suited their very different audiences. We implemented a two-tier navigation, with a bank of “quick links” at the top of the page, organized by the audience they are intended for (Students, Parents, and Alumnae). The sidebar navigation allows users to dive deeper into all the content that Seton’s new website has to offer in a clean, intuitive way that helps users make a positive connection with the brand.

Additionally, we added multiple pathways to featured content through the homepage, including interactive sliders and announcements as well as a news article system called “Saints in the News”. A live Instagram feed at the bottom of the site integrates Seton’s social media, creating energy, interest, and engagement with key audiences.

Much of Seton’s content took the form of fillable online forms, some requiring advanced logic and payment collection. Sanger & Eby developed and integrated robust forms that enabled parents and students to easily and effectively communicate, make payments, and otherwise manage their tasks and requirements.

Additionally, the Seton team foresaw a need to create custom forms for various purposes on an ongoing basis, so Sanger & Eby configured this capability in the content management system (CMS) using Umbraco Forms. This provided Seton with the ability to create custom forms as needed, with workflows that include sending automated e-mails and integrating payment through PayPal’s Payflow.

To address Seton’s need to display data from multiple calendars, Sanger & Eby utilized the Google Calendar API to pull and display events directly on the Seton site. The resulting master calendar includes multiple views, including a monthly view and an event details view that integrates with Google Maps – creating a seamless solution that enables site visitors to obtain all needed event information in a single location.

Flexible open source content management system


Seton now has a beautiful new website, fully manageable with the Umbraco CMS, custom coded to provide Seton’s team with an easy-to-use admin interface. Information is much more readily available to all of Seton’s various audiences, and Seton has much more control over what content gets featured where.

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