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Sussex County Community College Strategy & Website Redesign

Sussex County Community College had been making many great changes on campus, but their website didn’t reflect that. They needed a strategic website redesign to showcase the dynamic college experience and create compelling reasons for prospective students to engage.

  • Various images of Sussex County Community College Website
  • Various images of Sussex County Community College Website
  • Various images of Sussex County Community College Website
  • Various images of Sussex County Community College Website

Across the U.S., competition for higher education students continues to increase, thanks to a smaller student pool and increasing concerns about the return on investment for a college education. Additionally, Sussex County Community College faced an aging population and widespread emigration from its New Jersey district to more urban areas.

The energy and excitement felt when visiting the campus was missing from the College's website. Someone visiting for the first time for a summer concert or other event would often say, “I had no idea this was here!”

The website's cumbersome content management system made it challenging to maintain, and multiple systems and tools patched together created an unstable framework.

Sussex needed a strategically organized and redesigned website that provided a great user experience to multiple target audiences and effectively communicated its energy, benefits, and unique value proposition.

Sussex home page shown on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Developing an in-depth understanding of user needs was critical to helping Sussex achieve its objectives. In-depth research including focus groups, competitive analysis, and habits and practices research laid the foundation for creating personas for each of the College’s target audiences. We developed a content strategy that aligned with the College’s strengths and needs of the personas, creating powerful reasons to believe and engage with Sussex.

We reorganized and streamlined the sitemap to improve organization and provide context, making information easy to find and helping users accomplish goals quickly. Accessibility compliance and multiple communication channels including live chat help all users engage in the way that works best for them. The site’s clean, modern design with beautiful, authentic photography and videos draw users in. The new website clearly communicates what it’s like to be on campus and part of the Sussex community while inspiring interest, engagement, belief, and action.

A new content management system makes it easy to update and add information, and a review and approval structure ensures the marketing team maintains control of brand and messaging as well as maintaining website quality.


The new website launched in the Fall of 2018 and is garnering rave reviews. The Sussex marketing team is delighted with the ease of managing and updating content.

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