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UC Health Community Benefit Report

Personal stories and impactful infographics boost fundraising, community relations, and recruiting for a major regional health care provider.

Continually recognized for excellence and backed by the academic strength of the University of Cincinnati, major regional healthcare provider UC Health had experienced tremendous growth since forming in 2010, including integration of University of Cincinnati Physicians, Drake Center, and Lindner Center of HOPE. As it grew, the organization quickly established a solid foundation of giving back to the community, creating connections and changing lives.

There was a compelling need to develop awareness of UC Health’s community benefit with key stakeholders, including potential donors, community and business leaders, and government officials. UC Health engaged Sanger & Eby to create a publication that would capture the heart of the organization: a feeling of strength and knowledge with a compelling vision for the future.

With multiple stakeholders and functions across the organization, UC Health had more to convey than could possibly be represented in a single report, but paradoxically had no existing content beyond financial impact statistics.

A detailed content strategy and outline framed the report; extensive stakeholder interviews led to key insights that drove insightful content creation, effectively conveying UC Health’s immense positive impact on the communities it serves.

Communicating UC Health’s authenticity was critical for success; Sanger & Eby created the design and layout to showcase the depth and breadth of the organization, emphasizing connections to every part of the community—from life-changing, patient-centered medical care to groundbreaking research to educating and inspiring the next generation of healthcare providers. Utilizing both existing and new custom photography, the Sanger & Eby team created a visual representation of the benefit UC Health provides.

The report was published to rave reviews by both internal and external stakeholders, who note how well the report represents UC Health and its impact on the region. The report is being used in fundraising, community relations, recruiting, and partnering with major employers in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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