Strengthening Employee Engagement & Streamlining Reporting

Macy’s Digital Employee Handbook - EMAG & EBAG

A digital handbook ensures Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s associates always have the right information at their fingertips – even on mobile – and administrators can provide detailed historical information to legal in a snap.


With more than 130,000 employees in nearly 900 department and specialty stores, distribution centers, call centers and corporate offices, Macy's faced an immense communications challenge in getting the right information to the right users at the right time, while keeping costs streamlined. Adding to the complexity is the fact that specific policies apply to specific groups of employees, and ensuring the right information was accessible to each group was critical.

The company had migrated its associate handbook and policies to an online system, but it was difficult for users to find information, and it was equally challenging and time-consuming to manage. Finally, it lacked a way for the legal team to quickly determine what policy was in place for a given employee type on a given date – a critical information need.

User engagement was low, though paradoxically the site was available on the public internet and regularly appeared in search engine results.

Macy's partnered with Sanger & Eby to create a new administrative system that would solve its challenges, deepen employee engagement, increase efficiency and reduce costs. We worked together to develop a detailed understanding of the business rules that would drive the system, then utilized Axure R/P for rapid prototyping – outlining screens, user flows and functionality as clickable mockups.

That approach enabled the client team to experience the application in flow and ensure both business and user requirements were met effectively.

A new site architecture and design organized information in a seamless, intuitive structure to make relevant information easy to find. Users log in via an employee identification number, which ensures only relevant information is displayed – eliminating confusion and complexity and increasing employee confidence and engagement.

To further deepen engagement and add a bit of fun factor, we replaced complex and outdated Flash-based animations with a series of illustrations of digital site guide Maggie, created and produced by Sanger & Eby’s design team. The Macy's team can easily place the appropriate illustration with the appropriate content throughout the site.

New data management and reporting capabilities provide the ability for Macy's to easily see not only what policies were in place on any given date, but also the last time the policy was accessed and making it easy to rapidly provide critical information. A new content management system (CMS) enabled the Macy's team to easily and effectively manage and update content.

Versioning system manages multiple versions of documents by date


Macy's associates have secure access to information and policies that are relevant to them, reducing confusion, increasing compliance and driving higher employee satisfaction and engagement.

System administrators saw dramatic improvements in efficiency and productivity, and can rapidly provide critical information to Macy's legal counsel. The system was so successful it was rolled out to Macy's Bloomingdale’s division as well, where it has produced similar strong results.

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