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Macy’s Employer Branding & Mobile Recruiting

See how we helped this Fortune 500 retailer achieve ambitious hiring targets with an innovative mobile job search and application solution.

  • Macy's Jobs Career Website Redesign for Retail Talent Recruitment
  • Macy's Jobs Career Website Redesign for Retail Talent Recruitment
  • Macy's Jobs Career Website Redesign for Retail Talent Recruitment
  • Macy's Jobs Career Website Redesign for Retail Talent Recruitment

Macy’s hires more than 85,000 people per year, and competes for top talent across a wide range of categories – from hourly seasonal store associates to top executives.  Their Taleo Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offered great flexibility and candidate management tools, but the lack of an elegant mobile solution badly deteriorated the candidate experience.

With 89% of job seekers planning to search for jobs via mobile, according to a recent Glassdoor study, and 45% using their mobile device to search for jobs on a daily basis, creating a compelling and engaging candidate experience for mobile was critical – especially in competing for the Millennial demographic. Millennials are not only the most likely to search for jobs via mobile device, but also the most likely to abandon non-mobile career sites.

Macy's Jobs Fully Responsive Career Website

Sanger & Eby designed and developed a robust mobile job search and application for Taleo, creating a streamlined, elegant mobile search and application solution that migrates the job search from Taleo to the Macy’s Jobs website, where candidates search for jobs and view job descriptions in a fully optimized mobile job search that provides a great candidate experience – and carries that experience even through the Taleo job application.

We identified and resolved breakpoints, then leveraged the Taleo API to pull jobs from the Taleo database at set intervals so they’re reflected on the careers site rather than in Taleo.  Mobile wireframes and a mobile design interface ensure priorities of communication are highlighted effectively, and an integrated custom job search (including geolocation) ensures candidates can easily and seamlessly find the jobs most appropriate for their needs. 

Macy's Jobs Taleo Careers Search and Apply Mobile Solution

Custom CSS for mobile devices optimize the Taleo application for mobile, enabling a single application rather than multiple versions; this means changes propagate out instantly, with no duplication of effort by the Taleo team, who only have to maintain a single location rather than a separate mobile implementation. That reduces the administrative burden on the Macy’s recruiting team – a critical benefit in maximizing recruiting resources throughout the organization.

Since the highest percentage of Macy’s hires are hourly associates, Sanger & Eby also developed a streamlined geolocation approach that shows candidates jobs near them on page load – without them even having to search for jobs. Candidates are able to customize and filter their search as well, based on multiple criteria including category, distance, schedule, and shift.

Each job category includes content that communicates not only Macy’s employer brand, but also the unique aspects of each area of business through photography, videos, perks, and area-specific content that shows what it’s really like to be a part of the Macy’s team.

Macy’s is able to effectively meet its aggressive and far-reaching hiring targets, and receives 50% of its applications through mobile devices – they’re connecting with priority hiring targets across a range of businesses, including the critical Millennial talent market.

As one of only 3% of employers offering a mobile job search, Macy’s has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as a frontrunner in mobile employment applications amongst Fortune 500 companies.

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