Effective, Trackable Benefits Communications to Multiple Employee Types

Macy’s, Inc. Benefits Website & Custom Application

Simplifying management and access to complex benefits data for more than 50 employee types with a streamlined, flexible application.

Corporate growth often includes mergers and acquisitions, and Macy’s is no exception.  A period of acquisition and mergers, including the purchase of May Company, resulted in 17 different types of employees with more than 50 different combinations of benefit levels and services. Materials were distributed in hard copy, which meant production of massive manuals produced in relatively small quantities – resulting in high costs for printing, warehousing, distribution, and document management.

To streamline the system, cut costs, and reduce confusion by ensuring each employee type accessed only the information relevant to them, Sanger & Eby architected, designed, and developed a custom digital system that replaced the hard copy documents. Information is accessed with a unique key provided to each employee, coded to provide access to all relevant documents – and only to those documents, which include benefits manuals, options, and enrollment information.

Distributed both on CD and accessible via a custom website, the system enabled HTML documents to be shared across both platforms, and supported a custom site search that worked on both platforms.  Sanger & Eby developed an automated script in Python using the Django framework to automatically generate the 50 websites, further streamlining the process.

Unique key ensures only relevant documents are displayed

The benefits information is available to associates via the employee portal, but the website that hosts the information is hosted externally; the employee portal passes a series of codes to the website to ensure the correct set of documents is accessed without passing any personally identifiable information (PII), thereby ensuring private information remains private.

Converting from print to digital resulted in increased productivity for the Macy’s Benefits team, huge savings in printing and distribution costs, reduced waste that boosted Macy’s success in sustainability and reduced paper usage, and a simpler system for accessing benefits for Macy’s 150,000+ employees.

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